The Fundamentals

GTA understands what matters most in establishing offshore manufacturing and supply chain.

These four factors rule—and are inevitably interrelated:

The desire to reduce product costs to enhance profits or maintain competitiveness generally drivers a client’s interest in offshoring manufacturing.  GTA’s Business Model focuses on obtaining a low “first cost” from the factory source—as part of a transparent and highly efficient supply chain.  GTA also understands that what really matters is not just the first cost, but the delivered, or “landed”, cost of goods.  So GTA helps its clients manage costs throughout the entire supply chain, offering value throughout based on the experience and relationships of its professional staff and supply chain partners.

Ensuring consistent product quality is perhaps the most challenging aspect of product sourcing.  GTA understands that poor quality can hurt a business more than lower prices may help it!  GTA ensures product quality by careful selection of factory sources, in-person audits by GTA staff of every factory used by our clients, by conducting quality control inspections during production and prior to shipment, and by ensuring that you are protected by best-practice legal agreements.

Low-priced quality goods are of little value if they are not delivered on time.  GTA ensures timely delivery of your orders through a variety of means, including careful selection of factory sources, management of the factory production process and careful planning to ensure on-time deliveries.  In many cases, GTA has arranged for the factory to pre-make products and became an inventory partner, thereby dramatically reducing delivery times for our client.

While most sourcing companies understand the importance of price, quality and delivery, many do not fully appreciate the value of risk management to a successful supply chain.  Our experienced professionals work closely with our clients to evaluate and manage risk throughout each link of their supply chain.  For example, we can help our clients manage political risk in the factory selection process, establish back-up factory sources, properly package/label their products, obtain transit insurance, and  pay the correct rate of customs duty (thereby avoiding expensive audits).