As an initial step to establishing your offshore manufacturing supply chain, GTA will request your product specifications and/or samples.  This material will be carefully reviewed by the GTA team to evaluate where best to source it (e.g., which country, what type of factory), what regulatory compliance may be required, what customs duties are applicable and the like.

GTA will then identify potential factory sources and conduct a comprehensive audit of their capabilities.  Once this is done, GTA staff will visit the factory, review the product with the factory’s management, and obtain preliminary price quotation.  Factory information and price quotations are then reviewed with the client, together with a recommendation from GTA as to factory selection.

Once one or more factories have been selected, GTA will order samples of the product for review by the client.  In addition, GTA will work with the factory to specify packaging and labeling for the product, following client instructions.

When a sample of the product and packaging is ready, GTA will review it with the client for approval or modification. Typically, the factory will bear the cost of producing a reasonable amount of samples for review by the GTA client.

The GTA client, on the other hand, is usually responsible for the cost of shipping those samples for review.After a sample is finally approved, a final price is negotiated and the client can place its first production order.