Example Success Story: In 2012, we helped a client to create their own brand of batteries, Power Factor Batteries, for the same quality of major name brands and at a fraction of the cost. Customers and vendors are very happy with both price and quality. That successful relationship continues to this day.

“Just as good as Duracell!”

- Shira (Five Star Amazon Reviewer)

Our Added Value: GTA understands that a distributor may not have detailed product specifications.  But the distributor knows well what the end user of the product values.  With this information, the GTA team can help “reverse engineer” products with identical quality but a dramatically lower price to those currently sold by the distributor.

GTA’s has extensive experience working with distributors—including clients in the  HVAC, electrical and agricultural sectors.  We focus on understanding our distributor client’s points of pain and helping them to rapidly bring quality products to market at impressive cost savings.

How do we do it? As advisors, we create options for you. We have the best team, who finds you the most experienced manufacturer of your specific product and then we monitor the entire process for you as a third-party, boots on the ground, multilingual, turnkey sourcing partner. 

One of our "secrets" to success is that we don't cut corners by trying to train people or set up manufacturing facilities from scratch if it is not the best fit for the client. Instead, leveraging our extensive manufacturing network we oftentimes find the exact factory that is currently making the name brand product that a distributor wants to source direct. i.e. If a distributor desires to make a generic product to compete with a similar name brand Toshiba or Bosch product in their industry, we would locate the overseas factory that is making products for Toshiba or Bosch, and procure samples of equal quality, with your brand.

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